Want to look impressive on smartphones? Then, you've got to be Thumb-Friendly.

To capture mobile customers, it is imperative that your site is mobile optimized for the 1000s of devices out there.

DIY for $59 or Pre-Built starting at $179.

ZZite™ | Go Mobile In An Instant
Just add water & shake. Or, maybe not. But, ZZite will have you looking great on smartphones in just minutes. Do-it-yourself or have the pros at Mozzart jazz it up for you. BTW it's pronounced zīt.
Mobile Device Detection
How will your website know to send mobile visitors to your mobile website? With Mozzat's mobile detection & auto-redirect widget. All our cloud-based & custom solutions include mobile device detection.
Whoa! You mean 30% of my customers shop from the palm of thier hand? Mozzart combines all the moving parts, behind the scenes to lead the customer to the Path To Purchase. Raise impulse buying to whole new level.
The XCard SmartCard
The XCard SmartCard is a smartphone optimized business card. You've got a gazillion emails, numbers, & web links, not to mention support team contacts. It's perfect for executives, sales people, conventions & networking events.
Responsive Design
Is it magic or mojo? Mozzart's responsive websites adapt to the screen size of of the device. If your have a dynamic or eCommerce site, or edit your website more than once a month, a responsive design is the answer.
Custom Mobile Designs
You'd think a company with a name like Mozzart has all the cool ideas. We don't. Our clients do. We have the technology. We tap our collective creative lobes to transfom code into handheld masterpiece designs