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Put your contact info where it belongs... On Customer Phones

The SmartCard is a digital business card for mobile devices. SmartCard stays on smartphones. Whether, saved to contacts, as a Home Screen icon or a web bookmark, your business card is available anytime - anywhere.

Complete with social media, web links, profile photo and logo, SmartCard brings your business to life. In the palm of the hand.

The SmartCard connects to customers & referrals via the world wide web. There is no app to install.

Setup is easy. Simply login to your account & enter as much information you would like to include in your SmartCard. Even login & edit from your smartphone. Truly convenient!

SmartCard shares in dozens of ways. We'll send 2 ready-to-use QR Codes. A personalized QR Code with your name, and an all-purpose code you can use just about anywhere.

For more ways to connect, go to the XCard Channel where you'll find many innovative ideas to share SmartCard.



Setup in minutes. Edit SmartCard from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Make changes anytime to keep your profile fresh & up to date.
Instantly add complete contact info to any smartphone. Also includes social & web links, profile and photo/logo. You'll standout everytime they scroll thru their phonebook list.
Social Media
Share your Latest News via social media. Connect to your network via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or custom social media links. It's the perfect way to update on the latest news.
You Are Here  
Put the power of smartphone GPS to work with maps & directions. Let customers know where you are and how to get there.
Share The Love
Share your SmartCard business card via text message, email, marketing materials, and the included personalized QR Code. Expand your network with the power of mobile.
Referrals Gone Viral
Referrals can come from anywhere and at anytime. With SmartCard customers can share your contact info in seconds, using the built-in share feature, or a number of other instant delivery methods.
Tell Your Story
Include a profile in your smartcard. The SmartCard About page is the perfect place to showcase what makes you and your company unique.
Got A Catchy Slogan?
The SmartCard Slogan Box (just above the link tabs) provides a prominent place to add a slogan, news, updates or any important information.
It's a Numbers Game
View online analytics to track activity. More Contacts = More Business! Simply login to your Mozzart account to view who's viewing you.
Your Shiny New SmartCard Looks Great! Now What?

Get The Word Out!


Start with existing contacts. Blast out an email to share your SmartCard link & QR Code.

In Your

You send hundreds of emails a month. Add a SmartCard link providing easy, comprehensive access.

Your SmartCard

Do you use text message auto-responders like "Thanks" or "Call U Later"? Add a SmartCard link here too.


Fliers, brochures, PDFs and print ads are the perfect place to add a QR Code for instant mobile connections.

SmartCard Makes Referral Business a Tap!

B2B: Whether you are a road-warrior or inside sales, nothing beats name recognition.

B2C: Everyone has a favorite hair dresser, barber, pizza shop and maybe even a favorite lawyer.

SmartCard puts your face, logo & major contact info right on the phones of buyers & decision makers.


SmartCard can go into any smartphone's contact list. With a few taps, anyone can share complete contact information with a friend or colleague.


Periodically post a link to your SmartCard on Facebook. When friends & fans like your post, their friends can get your SmartCard too.

A little birdie
told me

Invite customers (or attendees) to follow you on Twitter & share thier experience. They simply tap the blue bird on the SmartCard.


Events are a great place to connect and gain referrals. Add your SmartCard QR Code to signs, marketing materials, even your nametag!

Experience SmartCard Live On Your SmartPhone

Scan the QR Code with your smartphone,
with an app like QR Reader for iPhone
or Barcode Scanner for Android.

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