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Customers Expect It!        Employees Love It!

And the Boost in Sales is Great for Business!

OrderNet has revolutionized online food ordering. We customize each OrderNet to compliment your online style. We upload it to your existing domain, so customers never leave your website. And best of all, it's yours forever!

Unlike most online solutions, there are no monthly charges & no transaction fees.

We've cleared out the clutter. No login required. Customers simply jump online, place an order & checkout.

The impressive graphic design is inviting and appetizing. Tour all of OrderNet's features, then decide.

OrderNet Laptop

Each OrderNet Menu is custom designed to match your current menu. Send us a PDF and we'll create the ultimate menu.

The Ultimate Menu offers customers add-on, up-sell and variation options so their order is just the way they like it. Add soup or salad to entrees, half & half pizza toppings, up-sell appetzers or any combination you wish.

Making menu changes is a snap with the OrderNet Online Content Management System. Simply go online and edit. The OrderNet CMS is easy & intuative.

Checkout Step 1

Customer Experience

Order Anytime From Anywhere
OrderNet's responsive design adapts perfectly to any device and screen size. Customers can order from home, work or on the go.
Made To Order
OrderNet guides customers through the order process, giving every opportunity to add their favorite items and try new menu recommendations.
Food Graphics
Showcase your entire menu like never before. Mouth watering images make a visual connection to the appetite... Stay tuned for aroma-vision.
Organized Shopping Cart
Although we encourage customers to load-up their shopping cart, we keep it organized. The online shopping cart & order notifications are displayed in an easily readable format.
Get Paid
Cash is king, but credit is the online currency. OrderNet provides secure SSL PCI compliant credit card check out. PayPal payment is also available.
No Password Required
Requiring customers to login is like having a padlock on the door. Why lock the door to your online shop? So we don't. All are welcome.

OrderNet's Order Notification process uses multiple notification methods to assure instant reliable receipt of each and every order. Each OrderNet system combines a primary notification method with a redundant backup notice to insure every order is received.


Direct To POS Printer
Receive each order printed to your POS printer. The order print out serves as a new order notification and order detail ticket.
Wireless ePrint
Receive orders from anywhere within the restaurant with a wireless ePrinter. Connect via WiFi. No phone lines or PC are needed.
Email Notification
OrderNet sends an email notice to restaurants for every order placed. Emails can be viewed via PC or smartphone. In addition, text message alerts are also available.
POS Browser
Access OrderNet's Order Management via your POS browser. View orders the instant they are submitted. Click the image (left) to see screen shots.
Fax Notification
Want to go old school? No problem. OrderNet can connect to 3rd party fax services to send order notifications right to your fax machine.
POS Integration
POS integration is available on certain systems and versions. Contact your OrderNet representative for more information. Start online ordering today with standard notifications and upgrade when full POS integration is available for your system.

Hassle-Free Setup

OrderNet is a turnkey online ordering system. We handle all the heavy lifting. Menus, variations, addons and upsell options are customized for each restaurant.

Next, the secure checkout system is prepared with SSL certificate and secure connection through PayPal payments are also available

Then, the dedicated Content Management System (CMS) is setup with your specifications in place.

Finally, the entire OrderNet System is uploaded directly to your website, for a seamless customer experience. The entire setup & installation takes less than a week.

OrderNet Setup

Content Management

The OrderNet Content Management System provides access to both Order Management & the Menu Editor Control Panel.

Order Management displays instant notifications of new orders. Update the order status in real time. Plus, download order data and customer database information, including email addresses.

The Menu Editor makes menu changes a snap. Simply click & edit. Preview changes before making them permanent. Once satisfied, update your menu item and edits are instantly live.

New Order
Content Management
Menu Editor
New Order Details
Edit Food Menu
Order Management & Customer Data

Secure PCI Compliant Payments

Customers can feel secure that payments are processed via the highly respected payment gateway. Online funds are sent directly to your merchant account, just like your current credit card payment process.

Paypal payment processing is also available.

Online Payments

Secured by PayPal


Every OrderNet Online Order System is secured by SSL secure 256 bit encryption. Once complete, you'll see the well known https:// prefix, along with the secure padlock for all OrderNet pages on your website.

web secure

Coupons & Specials

Customers can't redeem paper coupons online. That's no problem for OrderNet. Use discount coupon codes to give customers an extra incentive to order online or try a chef's special.

Discount Codes

Special SignOffer customers Daily Specials, promotional offers, lunch or dinner specials.

OrderNet can also promote in-store sales with printable coupons.


A company's pricing shouldn't be Top Secret or Call for Pricing. Not at Mozzart! In fact, we've made spring special with discounts for all!


100% Turnkey Installation

$200 off our standard 1-time cost.

Monthly Fees: None • Nada

Transaction Fees: Zero • Zilch

How does OrderNet Online Ordering work?

It's simple! We add the OrderNet pages (including menus) to your website. Once customers complete their online order, you are automatically sent notification(s) with order details.

Choose to receive new orders to your POS and/or prep printer, e-print, email, or use your POS browser to instantly view new orders on the OrderNet Order Management screen. Fax notifications and POS integration are additional options.

Once you have the order, simply process it as you would any other order.

How is OrderNet integrated into our existing website?

We simply add OrderNet to your existing website. A link to online ordering is added to web pages & Voila! You have an online order-taking & checkout system.

If you don't have an existing site let us know. We have a solution for that too.

How long does it take to create a customized Ordernet for my business?

Approximately 3-5 days. Our process is very efficient. We'll need a bit of information. So, the sooner we receive it, the sooner OrderNet goes live!

How do we get notified of new orders?

Receive orders through your POS browser and auto print order tickets through your POS printer OR Contact us about direct POS integration. Start today by fax, web, email, ePrint and/or POS print.

OrderNet combines reliable primary notifications with a redundant backup system to insure every order is received.

  1. POS Printer.
  2. e-Printer.
  3. OrderNet Order Management via POS browser.
  4. Email Notification
  5. Fax notification.*
  6. POS Integration.**

*Email-to-Fax service may be required. **Check w/ Mozzart for availability for your system.

Does OrderNet process credit cards?

OrderNet is designed to process credit card payments similar to your POS swipe system. The connection is made through, 128-bit secure encryption & PCI compliant. Funds are sent directly to your merchant account in the same manner as your current credit card process.

What are the OrderNet features?

Take a look at the OrderNet Features tab above.

Are the OrderNet pages branded with my logo?


How do I order OrderNet?

Just click the Order Online button at the top of the page.

I have questions?

We have answers! Just use the Contact Us page to send your question or give Mozzart a call at (888) 462-3099.

The Demo site is awesome. Can Mozzart make one for us?

Yes we can. Our OrderNet Site designs are complete customer engagement systems. Optimized for tablets & smartphones. All edits are reflected on the desktop & mobile sites.

Our customized designs reflect your company's brand throughout the entire website. Mozzart sites are designed to not only encourage customers to buy, but to come back & tell their friends.

What does No Monthy Fees really mean?

It means NO MONTHLY FEES! Once we install OrderNet, it is a self-sustaining system. There are no transaction fees, no monthly fees...No Fees. You buy it. We install it. And it's yours. Forever!

Can I make changes to our menu & pricing?

This is a key benefit to OrderNet. It comes with a Content Management System (CMS), allowing you to make content changes anytime. The built-in CMS makes editing a snap & it's cost efficient too.

Does Mozzart offer promotional services?

Do we ever! Rather than connecting customers to a sea of competitors (a really bad idea), Mozzart's marketing solutions promote your individual brand.

For example, our Facebook Fan-Maker promotions use social media to attract new & past customers, and friends of customers.

One of the advantages of Mozzart is our mobile expertise. Handheld marketing may be new to most, but it has been part of our company since the beginning.

From mobile coupons to text marketing to social media, Mozzart knows how to reach out and touch customers online & in the palm of the hand.