Performance & excitement is the driving force for every Mozzart Mobile design.

With the 1000s of devices and multiple integration points, it's crucial to have mobile technology experience on your side.

Cloud Solutions
HTML5, PHP, ColdFusion not your thing? No problem! With Mozzart cloud-based solutions you can jump online to create a mobile site or landing page in no time & with no programming or coding required.
API Integration
Connect existing applications to your mobile site. Do you use Constant Contact, PayPal, OpenTable or other APIs? Mozzart can make the handheld user experience seamless.
Special Mobile Widgets
Hey Mozzart! Can you create a mobile widget to increase the average customer receipt? How about one to issue, redeem and track instant rewards? That's a big 10-4. In fact, we can make a single widget to do both.
Cloud Features
ZZite™ is our flagship cloud system. It's designed with the novice in mind. Packed with features like photo gallery, contact form, event calendar, tap-to-call, Google Maps, along with all of the standard features you expect.
Mobile Considerations
Did you know Facebook tabs are not visible on smartphones? This means 30-50% of Fans may never see your promotions. Mozzart uses special techniques for mobile exposure on Facebook and other platforms.
Brick & Mobile
Your store, shop or office is the perfect place to engage mobile customers. Specially designed QR Codes or wi-fi access can extend the customer experience even after they leave your business.