Mobile Marketing Ideas

Mobile Campaigns

Mobile marketing is white-hot! Why? The return on investment is unprecedented.

When planning a mobile strategy, it's important to keep a few things in mind. The mobile visitor expects something. They expect a discount, to be informed, to be entertained or simply to be engaged. Design your mobile campaigns to meet your goal(s), to present a strong call-to-action and to engage the mobile visitor.

One of the most cost-effective tactics is to incorporate mobile engagement into existing collateral.

If you distribute or display coupons, mailers, fliers, signs, banners, brochures or have ads in magazines or newspapers, a QR Code or Microsoft TAG will add a digital dimension and extend the shelf-life of advertising campaigns.

Action Goals

  • Increase store traffic on slow sales days.
  • Create web traffic.
  • Promote high profit products.
  • Increase Facebook or Twitter followers.
  • Engage customers with your brand.
  • Build a customer email list.

Mobile Campaigns

  • Discount Tuesdays
  • Free gift/shipping on mobile orders
  • Offer mobile coupons
  • Free newsletter subscription.
  • Mobile contests
  • Pay with a Tweet