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The  Performance

FanMaker is a powerful connection to Facebook Fans and their friends. Attract thousands of new & repeat customers week-after-week.

Paper coupons are nice when you're looking for traditional results. FanMaker takes advertising to the next level.

The  Advantage
The greatest benefit with FanMaker is free advertising. Plus, there are many more.

  • Instant Customer Traffic.
  • Add New Facebook Fans.
  • Reach Friends of Fans.
  • Multiply New & Repeat Customers.
  • Takes just 2-Days to go Live!
  • No Do-It-Yourself hassles.
The  Magic

FanMaker attracts new customers with the most effective advertising available. An endorsement from a Friend.

The magic is in Facebook's built-in Invite, Share & Recommend features.

When visitors Like your Facebook page to get coupons, discounts or gifts, FanMaker triggers one of Facebook's share features.

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Fans Friends & Fun

FanMaker is for coupons, contests, games, sweepstakes and other fun fan engagement.

Give Fans a reason to visit your Facebook page and to share the joy with friends.

Does your business offer paper coupons? Put the same promotion on Facebook & reach thousands more!

Mozzart makes the entire process quick & easy. We handle everything from start to finish. Use a current promotion, or we'll create a power promotion especially for you.

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Insight & Resources

View FanMaker through the prism of reach, return & competition.

Once FanMaker is installed, you're no longer giving away coupons & discounts. You're gaining new Facebook Fans & a connection to all their friends. And the bottom line is, if you don't turn customers into Fans, the competition eventually will!

The average Facebook user has 141 friends. If your Fan Page has 1000 Fans... Well you can do the math. The reach of FanMaker is dramatic.