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How does FanMaker work?

We take your current coupon, special or promotion and convert it into a Facebook App. Only users who Like your page will have access to the deal.

Plus, when a Fan accesses your deal page, a message is posted to their wall, telling all of their friends about your great promotion. This is the same technique our corporate clients use to multiply their Fan base.

What's included with the FanMaker App?

The Facebook FanMaker App is a complete turnkey advertising campaign. Here's what is included:

  1. An "Offer Page" to advertise your coupon, discount or promotion
  2. A Thank You (for Liking Us) page where Fans click to obtain their reward.
  3. A Share With Friends API that posts a special message to Fan's wall for thier friends to see.
  4. A Reward Page where Fans can print a coupon, get a discount code, download or view premium content (i.e. an Insiders Report or a video).
  5. A Tab icon image that links to your FanMaker app promotion.
  6. Plus, the Spring Special is a 90 day Facebook marketing campaign. That's an extra 30 days free.

Fan page admins can disable & enable the FanMaker application anytime.

How long does it take to create a FanMaker App?

FanMaker is installed on your Facebook page in 24 -48 hours.

Do you have Live examples of FanMaker?

There are 100s of live FanMaker promotions running on Facebook. Here are a few.

  1. Palermo's Pizza
  2. The Wine Loft
  3. Pet Depot
  4. Shooters Sports Bar

We have dozens of advertising and promotion ideas and the technology to back it up. Here are a few: Unique Coupon Codes, Dynamic Expiration Dates, Group Coupon Deals, Post to Fan’s Wall, Email Collection.

What exactly is a Facebook App?

Facebook Apps apps are special pages and functions within Facebook. They add powerful connections to Facebook users. Apps can be used for advertising, coupons, games, sweepstakes and a host of other functions.

Facebook users connect to apps from the Tab bar on the Fan Page.

fb tab

Is FanMaker A Do-It-Yourself System?

No. FanMaker is a turnkey, completely installed Facebook app. We do all the heavy lifting! FanMaker is customized for each Fan Page, saving your company time and money.

Can I create a Facebook App myself?

Yes you can. There are a number of DIY services out there, where you can spend several hours to create a Facebook app.

Be aware of 2 important factors. Nearly all (if not all) of these services come with monthly fees ranging from $13 to $300/month. Plus, our premium designs give your business a professional look that's difficult to achieve when you do it yourself.

Additionally, every FanMaker app, is checked for adherance to Facebook's application guidelines before it is installed. This is very important.

Is there a monthly fee?

Heavens no! We dislike monthly fees as much as you do.

How can I attract new customers with FanMaker?

When Fans receive your coupon or offer, they post a message on their Facebook wall for all their friends to see. Your promotion will not only reach current Fans, but thousands more.

Also, there is under-utilized technique that will boost the number of Fans almost instantly. Order FanMaker & we'll clue you in on this little secret.

What is the major benefit to Facebook Marketing?

There are several. Here are a few.

  1. Free advertising!
  2. More Fans means more buzz. More buzz means more customers.
  3. Sharing: Deliver your marketing message to Facebook Fans & their friends.
  4. Fan recommendations stregnthen your response rate.
  5. Unlike print ads, the lead time to post a new ad is minutes, not weeks.
What's a Facebook Fan worth to my business?

Check out this article. It offers some real insight.

How do I Order FanMaker?

Go to this link or click the "Order Online" badge, at the top of this page.

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