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QR Codes are by far the most popular code version used today. If you are unfamiliar with QR Codes, check out this Wiki.

QR Codes
Let's face it, QR Codes & Tags are rather generic looking.

MOZZART Designer Codes can transform the look of these codes into a work of art. Designer Codes are customized to not only look good, but to also function in the real world.

Microsoft TAGs
QR Codes are not the only game in town.

Add an artistic flair to TAGs. Mozzart designer TAGs offer a variety of customization options.

Hover over the edge of any code to reveal color & then scan with QR or TAG app.

QR Code & TAG Reader Apps

A must-have for any mobile user.

So you're power shopping and you see a QR Code offering a terrific discount. What do you do? Well, if you're prepared, you just whip-out your smartphone, open your favorite QR Code app and you are on your way to savings!

Don't have a QR Code app installed on your phone?

No problem. Just go to We'll detect your device and suggest an app for you.

Here's a good tip. Install a couple QR Code readers on your phone. A single app will not scan every QR Code. So install a back-up QR Code reader, just in case.

Also get the Microsoft TAG reader at QR readers cannot scan TAGs

Here are a few tips for effectively scanning Codes & TAGS

  • Scan codes with a still, steady hand.
  • Allow time for your device's camera to focus.
  • If the code does not scan, adjust the distance, then allow a few seconds to focus again.
  • Light, glare and shadows effect your ability to scan a code.